Common Printer Problems: My printer won’t print


Printing problems

Nothing is more frustrating than technical difficulties in the middle of the work day. Unfortunately, when you’re working with multifunctional printers, scanners, copiers and office automation equipment, there are bound to be malfunctions every now and then. Brock Office Automation is happy to bring you the next post in a series to help overcome and prevent common device problems.

Today we’re talking Common Printer Problems: My printer is won’t print

You’ve hit print and have been standing at the printer for what feels like forever but your page just isn’t appearing. There are no error messages, so what’s the deal? Why has your day suddenly come griding to a halt?


Check your connection

If you aren’t seeing any error messages to guide you to the problem, you may have a connection problem. Your printer will be connected via USB, Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, so start by finding out how your model works. Has your connection been accidentally unplugged? Is your Wi-Fi enabled? Are you connected to the right network?


Driver and software installation

If you haven’t had printer issues in the past, you should have the printer driver or software already installed on the computer you’re printing from. However, it is possible that the driver has become corrupted or needs updating. Check the manufacturer’s website for the latest version and reinstall.


When in doubt, call for service

Sometimes, the issue is something you can’t fix on your own so don’t be afraid to call your service department. The last thing you want to do is fiddle with your machine and make the problem worse. Your technicians know your machine inside and out and will gladly solve your dilemma.



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