Find the best multifunction printer to keep your data secure

MFP data security

Organizations that handle sensitive data need to ensure that every level of that data handling is secure – and that includes their printer and copier. Having an multifunction printer placed on a network that handles confidential information means that having safeguard of security is crucial, so that no one can access their network infrastructure and then find access to confidential data.

Sharp multifunction printers offer this safeguard for businesses. Sharp’s security suite is focused on the protection of customers’ sensitive and confidential data with an iron-clad, multi-layered approach.


Unsecured MFPs and printers can leave vulnerabilities for your business. This can be loss of productivity, regulatory non-compliance, loss of access, stolen information, lawsuits, and unauthorized use of equipment and network resources.

In order to protect against these issues for your organization, Sharp Security Suite implements protections that ensure data and information security, access control security, network security, fax security, document security, and audit trail security.

Who does this work for?

Security like this is ideal for anyone dealing with confidential information. Organizations in the education field could benefit from having these Sharp MFP’s in their offices. College/University campuses, libraries, public organizations and local governments that record student records, addresses, contracts and legal documents could use this.

Private companies, law offices and financial institutions can also benefit from these MFP’s when dealing with employee records, payroll information, corporate accounting and financial records, tax documents and case information.

Features provided

Data and information is secured through the Data Security Kid (DSK). The security kit includes Automatic and Manual Data Overwrite, 256-Bit AES Data Encryption, as well as several other features. These can come as an integral part of the MFP or as a separate kit, depending on the model you purchase.

Other features include an end-of-lease feature which will digitally shred any documents once the lease on the model is up, user authentication and user authority setting, encrypted PDF and encrypted PDF lockout, as well as IP address filtering and MAC address filtering.

To ensure your business’ data stays confidential and secure, book an appointment at our showroom at Brock Office Automation and let us help you find what will work the best for your business.



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