Get the most out of your multifunction printer


The printer has long been a staple for every office, but they’ve come a long way in functionality since they were first introduced. The office printer has gone from printing single black and white pages to being able to print high numbers of pages in minutes, in multiple colours – all in the same machine that copies, scans, and even e-mails. These new printers are referred to as a multifunction printer (MFP), and they can do so much for your office, as long as you know how to use them.

Here’s how to get the most out of your office MFP to make your life easier and your office more efficient.

Maximize efficiency

A multifunction printer is designed with efficiency in mind. Make sure you’re utilizing your MFP to the fullest; instead of printing single sheets of paper, take advantage of the 35-37 page per minute capability of the printers. Larger scale MFPs can print as efficiently as 42 ppm. Keep up with the paperflow you need and stop the long wait times for pages to be printed.

Your MFP can also increase efficiency through its ability to scan documents at a rapid pace. The Reversing Automatic Document Feeder (RADF) speeds up this usually tedious and long process by quickly scanning both sides of a document.

Control printing output

If you are concerned about printing costs or want to monitor how much is being printed from the office printer, the right MFP can help keep those down. A series of OKI multi function printers allows offices to restrict access to certain groups or networks, or even individuals, which helps manage printing abilities within a defined cost range for your business.

The printer series are also smart enough to allow for you to view usage across the whole network using the printer. This means you can identify if someone is printing too frequently, or over using their printing budget. If you’re worried about the use of color ink, you can monitor or restrict access to that in this series as well.

Find the right multifunction printer for what you need

Every business is different and has different needs. The choice of which one to purchase for your office is largely dependent on the size of your business and what you require the printer to do. Some MFPs might not do enough, some might do more than what you need.

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