Wi-Fi Printing

What is more frustrating than having to source a computer that is connected to the office printer? Well, innovative printing methods have provided an easy way to print, via Wi-fi connectivity. This printing method eliminates having to be connected directly to the printer in order to print.

Basics of Wi-Fi Printing

This not only allows anyone in the office to print, from anywhere in the office, it can ideally increase office productivity. Allowing employees to connect to Wi-fi printing with workplace devices such as laptops and smartphones. Creating an easier printing process in the workplace. With wireless printing, you may encounter some difficulties, but we have compiled common issues and easy troubleshooting methods.

Not able to print via Mobile Device

Many new multifunctional printers support Android and iOS devices. Today, many new MFPs come equipped with wifi printing options. If you want to print from your mobile device but the printer does not support wifi printing you are able to connect to the printer by installing a utility on a networked computer. This cloud-based printing service works across multiple platforms and device types with non-wifi equipped printers. Your solution is limited to a select number of apps but there may be a solution for your printer.

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

When you send a document to the printer via wifi connectivity and it takes a long time to print can be overly frustrating. A quick solution to this issue may be placing your printer closer to the router to lessen printing time. However, there are additional ways to improve wifi printing. Ensure your router speed is adequate for your office size and make sure the firmware is updated to the latest version. If your wireless signal is still suffering, add a wireless extender or repeater to increase speed.

All else fails, call IT

From time to time the issue may be something we can’t fix ourselves. If this occurs make sure to call for service. The worst thing to do is fiddle with the machine and create a worse problem. IT knows the ins and outs of your machine and will have it up and working in no time.

These basic troubleshooting tips will hopefully help you reduce the number of issues you encounter during your workday. If your office automation equipment is dated and you are ready to transition to equipment that will hopefully increase productivity and reduce stress, contact Brock Office Automation today.


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