Why your Office should get Savvy with Smart MFPs



We are pretty transparent when it comes to how we feel about MFPs. Consolidating your devices into single networked units is the most efficient way to meet your office’s needs. What once required 3 or 4 devices now only needs one, shrinking your hardware real estate footprint and the costs that come with running multiple machines in your workplace.

We are also pretty clear about how important innovation is in the workplace. So let’s combine our a few of our favourite things and talk about the latest generation of MFPs — the “smart” MFP (SMFP) — to take efficiency even further.


What is an SMFP?

An SMFP uses prebuilt connections to apps and give IT admins option to easily add advanced features as they use their device. SMFPs are quickly becoming the jumping off points for systems that allow businesses work with both paper and electronic documents easily while also optimizing business processes. Basically, expectation of MFP functionality is high and SMFPs are answering that call.


Secure your information and network

The best SMFPs allow you to authenticate users with passcodes, access cards, directory access protocol or active directories. With a solid authorization structure, you can put your mid at ease, your SMFP will meet any information-protection rules for your industry. But authentication isn’t the only concern here. When data is moving to and from your SMFP, you have to secure it with advanced encryption. SMFPs encrypt any data in the internal hard drive until it is printed or sent somewhere, then erases it when the job is complete. You can even send a document to an SMFP and have it hold the print job until someone authorizes the print. You won’t have to worry about sensitive documents being vulnerable to security breaches by sitting in the output tray waiting to be picked up.


Consolidating your printer, copier, scanner and fax into one MFP goes beyond output efficiency. A well-designed SMFP will have features that act as key components in your business strategy. In short, it will become one of your hardest working employees. It will enhance your business processes, keep your information secure and just plain make your business life easy. It’s time to get your business savvy and get smart with your office equipment.



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