Why you should rent a copier for your next event in Niagara



When researching the best option for getting new office equipment you will undoubtedly have come across the debate for whether you should buy or lease. However, what if you only need a copier for a short period of time? No need to worry, there is a third option. If you’ve seen renting office equipment as a third option, it can be a very appealing choice when you need a copier for an event. It’s a great service to use for off-site projects, business events and training programs. You need to spend time communicating with employees and attendees- not worrying about equipment. If you’re coming to Niagara, whether out of province or just down the street, let a local Niagara company ensure that your next event runs smoothly.

Leave your office equipment at the office

There is always paperwork needed when you are running (and even attending) a business event. However, don’t think the only solution is to lug the copier from your office to the event. You don’t need to spend your time worrying about transporting heavy machinery, setting it up and ensuring that it is working properly. Even if you could transport your regular office multifunctional printer, it may not have to capabilities required to have you operating efficiently.  In addition, you don’t want to be taking vital equipment from the office if your employees will need to use it for their day-to-day activities.


You need your event to be stress-free. If you’re stuck focusing on the equipment, you have less time to focus on your business and that’s why you’re there. When you rent a copier, the dealer you rent from will install and service the machine. If something goes wrong, their service team will be there to ensure that you’re back up and running in no time. This allows you to focus your energy on your business.

Choosing the right dealer

Connect with a local company to discuss their rental policy. You want to make sure that they have the supplies and can provide reliable service to ensure that the event runs efficiently. The dealer will take care of set-up, service, and tear down for you. When you’re finished, the machine goes back to the company.

Brock Office Automation gives you easy service when you rent office equipment in Niagara, Grimsby, and Hamilton to help your event run smoothly. Connect with us today to learn how to the right equipment can make your event hassle-free. Focus on the event and let us take care of the technical side, it’ll be one less thing you have to worry about.



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