Why you need a dedicated circuit during a Niagara winter



You never know what you’re getting from a Niagara winter. It ranges from mild and steady to…well a winter like 2014, with arctic temperatures and more snow than we’ve seen in years. Those heavy winters can cause major problems for electrical devices and with another heavy winter predicted, now is as good a time as any to make sure that your multifunctional printer is properly protected. Winters can cause many power issues and one solution to protect your multifunctional printer is a dedicated circuit.



A multifunctional printer is a critical component of your business

Modern office equipment barely resembles those of the past. What used to fill entire rooms can now fit conveniently on the edge of your desk. We have also become incredibly reliant on multifunctional printers in the office. In addition to the equipment, electricity has also become much more complicated, or at least the way in which we use it. The amount of electronic equipment in your office is staggering. After all, how can you function in today’s digital world without the proper equipment?



What is a dedicated electrical circuit?

When discussing a dedicated circuit, it can be broken down into two components: a dedicated circuit and isolated grounds.

Dedicated circuit: A dedicated circuit refers to a dedicated source of power and grounding conductors. Both those elements ensure the electrical needs of a single electrical device.

Isolated grounds: Isolated grounds refer to a dedicated grounding conductor. That conductor is a full size, insulated conductor that does not touch any part of the conduit.



Protect your device

Dedicated electrical circuits provide stability and a well-regulated supply of voltage, ensuring that your printer properly functions. It also allows your printer to operate safely without overloading your system. Multifunctional printers consume a large amount of power and when Niagara is hit with a heavy winter, you want to make sure that your printer is protected on a dedicated electrical circuit in the event of power outages, power surges, or any power loss. Surges can cause expensive damage to your printer, decreasing its longevity, meaning you’ll have to upgrade before you planned on it.

A multifunctional printer is a critical component of your business and by putting it on a dedicated circuit; you can protect your printer and ensure longevity. Here at Brock Office Automation, we understand how important your printer is to your business; after all they’re our business too! Connect with our team today to find learn more.



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