Why scan to email?


Scan to email

When you need to get a hard copy of a document to a second party, you’re typically going to scan the document. However more often than not, you’re adding in an extra step, slowing productivity in the office. We’re talking about “scan to email”: emailing the document to yourself first! Take out all those extra steps and condense them, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.  So how can you remove this inefficiency from your office and increase productivity? With a retractable keyboard- as part of your copier!


Taking a long process and condensing it

More than likely, scanning a file in your office probably resembles a choreographed routine: scan the document, load it to your computer/type in an email address (while experiencing a few spelling errors), rename the file from a numerical descriptor to an accurate description of what you’ve scanned, and finally emailing it out. Whether you’re scanning directly to your computer or to your email address, you’re adding steps to an office task that should be simple and efficient.


Maximize workplace efficiency

Qwerty keyboards are the standard in communication for most electronic devices- why should that be any different for your copier? Enter Sharp’s graphical menu navigation and retractable keyboard. Although it may resemble other copiers on the market, Sharp is different because of the real, and easily accessible, Qwerty keyboard. Enter file names and email addresses easily and efficiently. The high-resolution touch screen, with colour display, makes data entry a breeze! No longer do you need to worry about renaming the file once the file has been emailed to your computer. The Qwerty keyboard affords you the same efficiency as your computer’s keyboard, rather than the standard LCD screen keyboard for copiers. It’s a simple as scan, name and send.



Implementing small efficiencies to create a big change

If you’re still emailing your scanned files to your email first, you are minimizing office productivity and effectively wasting your valuable time, all because of the inefficiency associated with scanning documents. The retractable Qwerty keyboard has now solved this inefficiency. Sharp’s retractable Qwerty keyboard gives you flexibility when scanning documents, allowing you to remove the unnecessary step of sending it to your email first. Come in to Brock Office Automation to have a look the keyboard and learn how it can enhance your office.



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