What is the life expectancy of an office copier?



We’ve made our case for the importance of a multifunctional printer in your office before– after all, they are the workhorse of the office automation workplace. They have replaced the individual pieces of office machines, which has meant less time and money replacing your office equipment. The life expectancy of an office copier can vary depending on multiple variables. However, as is the case with all office machines, you need to find a copier that fits best with your business. That will ultimately determine how long your copier will last.

Providing reliability in your office

Multifunctional printers provide reliability and can be used for several years. Depending on the model, a typical life span on an office copier can range from three to five years. The life span of your copier largely depends on the copy volume and maintenance. Most copier models are designed to produce 1,000 copies per month at the low end, with higher-end copiers producing upwards of 50,000. In order to achieve a longer life span from your copier, it is not recommended that you reach the maximum copies per month.

Do your research

Take a look at different copier brands and office copier reviews to get a sense of what will work for your office. With your research in mind, head to a local dealer and speak with their team. A small, local dealer will help you determine what copier will work best for your business and budget, ensuring that you experience as little down time as possible, making sure your business operates smoothly.

Protect your investment

No matter the life expectancy of your copier, you will eventually need some copier repair. If you’re leasing your copier, you can obtain a service contract, which provides a piece of mind in case your copier experiences any issues. It also may cover the cost of upgrading parts, keeping your office running, for a lower cost. An additional benefit of a lease allows you to upgrade your copier after a certain period of time, which ensures your office has a copier that is ready and able to work.

If you’re looking for more information or would like to know the life expectancy of a specific copier, contact the Brock Office Automation team. Your copier is an important investment of your business and you need to ensure that it has the right protection.



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