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Will your office be prepared to change browsers when Microsoft retires Internet Explorer? The world’s most popular browser has struggled the past few years technologically and as a result Microsoft set out to develop a new browser for Windows 10 software. When this change comes Microsoft will no longer continue to update Internet Explorer, this means that users shouldn’t expect updated features like security packages. Many offices operate through Internet Explorer and in the next coming weeks they should start to become accustomed to using a new type of browser. We’ve put together a couple of internet browser suggestions to get your office started.

Microsoft Edge

There is not a lot known about Microsoft Edge at this point. What is known is that the browser has been designed with simplicity in mind. There are new stand out built-in features like a note taking and sharing system, Cortana support and interoperability over devices.

Google Chrome

In wasn’t until after Internet Explorer version 6&7 that the browser market opened up to include Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. Since its launch in 2008, Chrome has been a force within the browser market. The version today has expanded to a point that it is now close to an operating system itself. The browser is minimalist, fast, connected to Google search, comes with built-in flash and pdf reader, is app capable and offers voice search. Chrome is beneficial to Google product users, once signed in then you can use its products across the board securely.


Firefox is a great looking browser with fast performance capabilities and well thought out navigation features. Like Chrome, it has a built-in PDF reader, it also has unique capabilities like bookmark syncing across devices and a revolutionary tab organization system. Firefox does not include flash support and does not sync to iOS devices.

Each browser has beneficial features and will work well with your office, we recommend choosing your new browser dependent on the needs of your office. If you are looking for more information on each browser head to their main websites for more information.

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