Use Authorized Service Providers for your Office Automation Equipment


Authorized providers

Two weeks ago, we told you that Pitney Bowes was acquired by Konica Minolta and what that means. Even more recently, Sharp took the time to reach out to its loyal users to remind them that this acquisition has resulted in the transition from working with a company who was an authorized service provider (ASP) for Sharp technology (Pitney Bowes) to one who is not (Konica Minolta).

“We believe it’s important that customers are aware that Konica Minolta is not an ASP of Sharp technology, and Pitney Bowes is no longer an ASP of Sharp technology” says Dan Merlini, Vice President of Sharp’s Business Solutions Division. Pitney Bowes Canada ceased to be an ASP of Sharp technology following the sale.

Essentially, Sharp is trying to help its users make sure their machines are properly cared for by appropriately trained personnel. The only way to ensure your office automation equipment is receiving proper care is by dealing with an ASP.



What is an authorized service provider?

An authorized service provider is a person or company that is certified to service products that are covered by waranties held by another company. Service provided by anyone other than an ASP will usually render a warranty void. Large office automation vendors, like Sharp and Lexmark, offer ASP programs to test and certify applicants to work on their products.



Why use an authorized service provider?

Besides ensuring your warranty remains applicable, only ASPs and dealers are fully trained in servicing your specific office equipment and are trained in optimizing the performance of your technology. With Sharp, for example, authorized technicians have direct access to Sharp’s engineering team if they need a problem solved quickly. Authorized service dealers also have access to online tools to make service requests and order geniuine parts and supplies. Larger office equipment companies, like Sharp and Lexmark, often have mission statements, philosophies and experiences they adhere to when it comes to customer service, and an ASP is trained to meet those expectations as well.


Where can you find an authorized service provider?

BrockOA is happy to help when it comes to giving you certified and trusted service for your office automation Equipment. We are the certified Sharp and Lexmark Business Solutions dealer to Niagara and can assist on any of those devices to make sure your machines are running optimally and you are always happy with your service and equipment. Essentially, we are locally what Pitney Bowes was nationally. So, if you are stuck wondering what to do now that your ASP (Pitney Bowes) has been purchased by an unauthorized manufacturer (Konica Minolta), BrockOA can help.




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