U.S. Inventor’s New Envelope Printer Could Change the Game

U.S. man's new envelope printer could make a big difference for small businesses.

South of our Canadian border, our fellow office automation experts in the United States are working on some exciting new things. Paul Onish, an American inventor from New Jersey, has received a U.S. patent for a new envelope printer design featuring a flatbed desktop structure.

Envelope printing is an underlooked aspect of running a business, but it’s necessary when you send out mail regularly. Regular printers can often crush, rip, or destroy the paper as it prints onto the envelope, but this printer changes everything.


Key Features of the New Envelope Printer

This printer holds 250 envelopes in the rear cartridge tray, and up to 200 pounds of paper weight. It feeds the envelope through on motor-driven rollers and is adjustable to different envelope sizes.

The printer’s technology can print addresses, return addresses, and even a U.S. postal stamp without causing any damage to the paper. Labels and paper crushes are no longer necessary.


What’s so Special About it?

Not only is the printer’s design unique, but it’s a high-speed, small size unit that can sit right on a desk. Designed specifically as a cheaper and quicker envelope printing option, the printer ensures that all businesses can enjoy the convenience of printing envelopes on-site.

There is also a convenience factor involved- it eliminates the need to switch back and forth between regular document paper and envelopes, saving time and effort if you are printing a large number of items.



The patent is currently available for companies that manufacture or sell office automation equipment to small and home-office based businesses.

For small to medium-sized businesses that have a reasonable volume of paper traffic, this could be a game-changer for convenience, versatility, affordability, and productivity. While larger companies generally have their envelopes printed on-site, most smaller businesses don’t have the budget to do this. This printer allows them to print at home instead of paying more to use a printing company’s products.

Now the question remains: when will we see this in our Canadian stores?


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