Touch Screen is 2014

Touch screen

Touch screen innovations have taken the tech world by storm. Smartphones, tablets, e-readers and PCs have all jumped onto the touch screen bandwagon, and now printers and copiers are getting on board too. You’re already used to the technology from home use; it’s time to make the change at work.


Use What You Know

You’ll be hard pressed to find many people out there who don’t have touch screen technology at home. Using familiar technologies in your workplace will have your employees feel much more comfortable when learning the ins and outs of new office equipment. Banish insecurities and skepticism with something they know. Touch screens look and feel like the familiar tech – iPhones and iPads, Androids, and tablets – that are found in almost all households now. The phrase, “This is just like my iPhone!” will be music to your ears.


Time Saver

If you’re using your multifunctional printer as you should be – for multiple functions – you’l find yourself switching between a variety of tasks at your printer pretty often. Nothing is worse that flipping through options on a tiny screen with directional keys. Enter the touch screen. Not only is large and easy-to-read, but it also lends itself to selecting options with ease. Pull up your menus and options faster and spend less time being unproductive at your device.


There’s an App for That

With the touch screen comes more functionality. You can eliminate the middle man – your computer – and do it all with the swipe of a screen. Scan to email and send using your existing address book. Better yet, some models allow web access, meaning you can print directly from the internet. Download applications straight to your MFP for easy-to-use new capabilities. Print directly from Google Maps, choose files directly from your USB or memory card, or even edit photos directly on your printer.


If touch screen technology has piqued your interest, let us know! The future is now and it’s time to bring your office to the next level with cutting edge innovations that are familiar, comfortable and worry-free!


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