Tips for Effectively Scanning Documents with Business Copiers


Multifunctional printers (MFPs) give you the capability to scan your content to create both a print and digital copy of your documents. This helps you easily archive, store, share, retrieve, email, fax, and print your documents. Scanning your documents is important to improve business efficiency through each phase of your document workflow.

How scanning helps improve efficiency


Capture: Creating text-editable/-searchable electronic files of your hard copy documents and enables electronic archive, management, and distribution of critical documents

Store: Eliminate paper clutter and storage costs, enable fast and easy document retrieval, and protect against hard copy damage, fading, and loss

Manage: Managing documents electronically lets you access documents remotely, enable audit trails, security and controls, and eliminates document handling, shipping and faxing costs

Distribute: Network folders, websites, content management systems, remote printers, email, fax recipients, CD’s, and USB memory devices are all easily distributed to when using electronic documents

Improving your scanning techniques with business copiers

Your documents shouldn’t be compromised due to scanning problems. Going digital is a great way to enhance your business’ efficiency and productivity. Here are a few tips to ensure your documents are scanned at a higher quality when using copiers.

  • Make sure your colour scanning is enabled to ensure your scanner can scan both black and colour documents in a single scan.
  • Increase the resolution from the default 200 dpi to at least 300 dpi. The higher resolution will result in a larger file size, but the document will be sharp, crisp, and readable
  • If your copier has the “blank page detection” feature make sure it’s enabled so that your blank pages are automatically deleted. This is useful for when your documents have a blank back side page at the beginning and end of the document.
  • If your document is two-sided, be sure to enable the two-sided scanning option so that you will only have to scan the two-sided document once.
  • Enable the OCR detection so that all work on every page is indexed. This is for when you open the scanned .pdf document so that you’re able to search it for a certain word, phrase, number, etc.

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