Three important choices when selecting an office printer


Selecting office equipment

In order for your office to be at its most productive and successful level, you need the best multifunctional printer. However be forewarned: inquiring about the best product on the market is going to leave you with more questions than when you started. Everyone has an idea of which printers and which features are the best, but the best printer and the best printer for you are two completely different conversations. To reach your highest level of functionality, you’ll need to ensure that you’re making the right choices when selecting an office printer.



Choice #1: The printer

Selecting a multifunctional printer is an important decision. Your office printer defines your office and makes a statement about your business. We’ve spoken before about how the size of your office dictates what you should be selecting. There’s no sense in buying a model with a tonne of technological features that you’ll barely use. You want a machine to complete all of the necessary tasks required in your office, whether its printing a specific number of pages a day, printing in black or colour ink, or even scanning to email. Determine what you need your printer to do and what features are not a necessity.



Choice #2: The payment plan

Lease or buy? It’s certainly a topic that we’ve covered before. However, when selecting a new printer for the office, every buyer knows that no piece of office equipment is meant to last forever. There eventually will come a time that your carefully selected multifunctional printer no longer fits your office. By leasing rather than purchasing, you will be able to upgrade to a newer model to suit your office’s needs. Whether your business is growing, or you want to upgrade the technological features, leasing provides you with flexibility.



Choice #3: The right dealer

Choosing the right printer means selecting the right dealer. The right dealer will focus on your needs and how a printer can work for your office. After all nobody wants to pay a significant amount of money for a high tech machine they barely use. Choosing the right dealer is just as important as choosing the right machine and they can ensure that you purchase exactly what you need. How can you be sure you’re picking the right company? Get to know your office equipment dealer and their sales team, as you’ll want to find someone you can trust.

Brock Office Automation, Niagara and Hamilton office machine experts, always remains focused on you, the client. For helping finding the best printer for you, download our free buying guide today.

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