The Great Debate: New vs. Used Office Equipment


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When the time comes to decide which multifunction printer is best to replace your old equipment, the decisions are seemingly endless. You are looking at more than just different brands, machines and features when buying a printer, you also have to decide whether you are going to invest in a new device or go with used or refurbished.

When you are looking at the financial side, it seems like a no-brainer: used wins based on numbers alone. But we both know that there is much more to your office equipment selection and it’s not an easy decision to make. And so of course, office equipment and multifunctional printer shopping can be overwhelming because of the many legitimate pros and cons to both new and used/refurbished devices.


Used vs. Refurbished: What’s the difference?

Used and refurbished mean different things, the only thing they have in common is that neither are brand new. The difference lies in the amount of maintenance they have had before being resold.

A used printer has had no maintenance done to it before resale. That means that not only is it being sold “as is,” but there is also no telling how much wear and tear has occurred to the internal parts. You are getting an MFP that is coming straight from the previous user and into your office.

In comparison, a refurbished printer has had a complete internal overhaul — that means a thorough cleaning and a series of diagnostic tests ensure that everything is in working order. If anything is less than ideal, it is fixed before being sold.


Buying used or refurbished: What you need to know

If you decide that shopping for a used or refurbished office printer is the way your business, the first thing you should do is research reviews and ratings for the models you are considering. Look at the brand, the model and the functions to make sure that what you are looking at purchasing is highly rated and will meet your needs. Of course, you would want to conduct research when buying a new machine as well, but with used and refurbished you want to make sure you are completely confident in acquiring a quality device that will withstand the test of time.


Buying new: What you need to know

When you are buying new, you can take advantage of all of the latest innovations and technological advancements in office equipment. With the most up-to-date features, your office will be printing higher-quality copies faster and less expensively than you would on outdated models. Don’t forget the functionality. New MFPs can handle all of your office’s printing, copying, scanning and faxing all in one machine.


Remember: A few warnings for both used/refurbished and new machines

To start with, used printers are usually void of warranties. Sometimes, you can find a machine that is still covered, but if it is a few years old, it is likely expired. So, if having a warranty is important to you, a new or refurbished machine is likely your better choice.

Of course, a new device will cost your more upfront if that’s what you choose to purchase. But you can also consider a lease — which may also be available for refurbished — which means no initial investment, just a set monthly payment. Also, despite the initial investment, an MFP can save you money — the ROI is undeniable.


BrockOA has been helping local businesses find the right office equipment solution for more than 20 years. Whether you are looking to invest in a new or refurbished device, we can help you find the exact equipment to meet your office needs, both functionally and monetarily.

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