Service contract: Why you should choose a local dealer



Our office machines are used everyday, which means every machine in your office with inevitably see some wear and tear. In order to keep productivity, and ultimately profitability, up in your office you’ll need to ensure that all of your office equipment is running smoothly. The best cost-effective scenario is to have a service contract on any machines you buy or lease. When selecting a dealer, you’ll want to ensure that they provide exactly what you’re looking for in a service contract and understand your business. Today, we will discuss the benefit of choosing a local dealer.

A service contact can make your business life better. However, the service contract you’ll get from a large national company will be very different from a local dealer.

Don’t be a number is a system

When you sign a service contract with a national company, you become a number in their system. When you experience any difficulties with your office equipment, you will need to call a toll-free number in an attempt to reach their service department. Having an employee deal with the automated system is disruptive to the work day, who knows how long it will take before they are able to speak to an actual person. What’s worse is every subsequent phone call will more than likely be with a different person. They don’t understand how crucial it is for your business to be operating at an optimal level.

They will submit a service request, to be processed by another person, and eventually a technician will be sent to your business. You may also find that the large national companies are unwilling to service your machine; telling you they can’t service it anymore.

Find someone who understands your business

With a local dealer, you spend less time dealing with an automated system and more time speaking to someone who knows your business. They’ll understand how important it is to have you back up and running as soon as possible. Local dealers can provide a unique level of service, unparalleled by large national companies. You have access to a direct line and will be able to speak to a person rather than an automated machine. This person will know your business, rather than needing to locate your company file.

Looking for more information?

Connect with Brock Office Automation, the Niagara and Hamilton office machine experts, to see the difference a local dealer can make and in the meantime, click below to read out Basic Guide to Maintenance for your Office Equipment.



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