Reduce your Office Printing Costs


Reduce costs

When you think of printing, do you picture dollar bills being thrown out with all those copies in that accumulate in the recycling bin throughout the day? Printing is a necessary business expense, but it doesn’t have to be cringe-worthy cost. If you have the right machine and examine your print needs and habits a bit more closely, you can make cuts that will save your business print budget.


Do you really need to print in colour?

This is a simple question with an even simpler answer: No. Consider how many quick print jobs are just reference points – emails, research, typed documents. Black and white will do the job here. You don’t need the colourful headers and signatures, the colour photos included with articles or any other number of unnecessary colour treatments. Have everyone set their default to black and white prints and only use colour when you really need it.


How much can you fit on one page?

Today’s printers do wonders when it comes to cutting page counts. With options such as double-sided printing and multi-document per page printing, you’ll see fewer pages in your print tray. Many dedicated printers and multifunctional printers allow you to shrink documents down to fit two or more on one side of a page. Print it double-sided and you’ve gone from at least four pages to two! How’s that for cost cutting?


Is high quality always the necessary quality?

Absolutely not. Again, think about what your print job is being used for. If it’s not being presented to a client or a higher up, you can usually get away with a fast-print or draft quality version. By using this option, you will use less ink or toner for something that is probably going to end up marked and edited, filed away or in the recycling bin. Save the high-quality for print jobs like quotes, presentations or mail outs. If it’s for your eyes only, a lower quality print job will do.


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