Purchasing the Right Sized Photocopier

right size photocopier

Many businesses ask what the minimum size of photocopier their company will require in order to efficiently complete printing jobs, while not taking up optimal floor space in the office. Well, we have the answer for you.

I Don’t Have a Lot of Extra Space

Large photocopiers take up big space, tend to create a great deal of noise, and often consume a lot of power. They also tend to deliver high volume and tend to have a high print/copy speed.

In today’s technologically advanced society, most organizations will not require a big machine to get their printing job done. With modern multifunctional printer devices offering tandem printing, the day of big photocopies may be extinct for many organizations.

What a Tandem Solution is

Tandem printing is the process of using two machines connected to the same network. Using two printers allows you to complete output tasks quicker than either machine can accomplish on its own, while delivering results similar to those of a large machine.

Why You Should Switch to Tandem

Utilizing two smaller machines as opposed to one large machine has many benefits. When completing a large print job using tandem machines, if one machine happens to fail you are still able to complete the job using the other machine. If you were completing the exact same job using only one large machine, you would be forced to pause production until the printer was fixed. This would cause your printing job to be put on hold, potentially causing deadlines to not be met on time and causing a lot of stress in the office.

The likelihood of both machines failing during your print job is slim. Another benefit of tandem printing is that you are able to have both of your machines available and working on different jobs at the same time. This can eliminate lineups at a single machine, increasing workplace productivity and convenience while lowering copy/print task times.

For offices that don’t have a lot of extra space, this could be the ideal alternative to purchasing one large photocopier. Large machines tend to require an entire room, minimizing office space, that many companies can’t afford to lose. Choosing to go with two smaller machines can allow you to place them in locations based on workflow and staff convenience, thereby eliminating the waste of valuable office space.


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