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If you want to keep your private and confidential office documents safe, a shredder is a must-have item for your small to medium size business. Businesses who do not take the necessary physical precaution of destroying documents put themselves at risk of losing money due to theft.

The cost of hiring a shredding service for your small-mid size business can be overwhelming and unnecessary, the more economical way to shred your documents is to invest in a document shredding machine for your office. Surprisingly, there are many shredders on market, below is an overview of features we think you should consider, so that you can find the right paper shredding options for your office.

Bin Capacity 

If your office shredding needs are significant, you will want to invest in a shredder with a larger bin capacity. This will allow you to shred multiple pages, even stacks of paper at a time at a high speed. If your office is small or at home, a smaller bin capacity should be adequate.

Noise Levels

Gone are the days of incredibly loud shredders; where everyone in the offices work was interrupted by the noise of the machine. New noise reducing technology allows for some shredders to shred quietly. Look for a machine with a noise reduction system in place.

Ability to shred more than just paper

Office document staples like credit cards, CD’s, DVD’s and other forms of media can still contain important company information long after the items have been erased electronically. Shredders now come with slots that are able to handle shredding plastic and plastic media. You should also consider whether you need to invest in a shredder can handle staples and paper clips.

Safety features

Safety should be a number one concern for your office and this applies to your shredder. Look for a document shredding machine with a safety protection system that is electronically controlled. Your shredder should also have a safety shield around the field opening.

Size of shredded documents

Traditionally you will find at home and small business shredders that cut documents into long and skinny strips but in the shredding community there are levels of security in line with the cut of the paper. The long and skinny option would be the lowest security level. If you want extra security from your shredder consider a cross cut shredder which would reduce your typical piece of paper into 300 particles.


There are many more paper shredding features, these features generally increase as the size and capacity of the machine itself increases. For more information on shredders and to find the perfect match for your office contact BrockOA today.

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