Why your office needs a Sharp MFP

Sharp document solutions

The days of using more than one piece of office automation equipment are over. Now if you’re not using one machine for all your document scanning, copying, or printing needs, your office is inefficient and needs an upgrade. Wondering where to start with finding a high-quality multifunction printer (MFP)? Your first step is to pick a brand like Sharp.

Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. is a direct subsidiary of Sharp Corporation, which is known globally for its electronic products and solutions. Sharp business products are held in high esteem for their ability to boost productivity and reduce costs for businesses.

One MFP, every role

Rather than buying several expensive machines, save your business money by investing in one machine that can do it all. A multifunctional printer can scan, fax, copy, and print all at the touch of a button from the same place. New models can connect to your WiFi network, so your office can print from their desks for optimal productivity.

A standard MFP will do all four tasks. New Sharp models, such as the MX-7500N, can also make building marketing materials more efficient. These copiers can print brochures or reports with high-quality images in full colour. Then, with a press of a button, these machines can fold, trim, stitch or staple them. They can also stack, fold, punch or staple any other materials you need.

Keep your data safe

Since these MFPs operate on your business’ network, there is a fear that data won’t be kept secure. Sharp copiers and MFPs ensure that your data is kept secure with the use of advanced multi-layered security features. These features prevent any data leaks and keep information safe from individuals outside the business.

These security measures include using a secure network interface, port-based network protection, and IP/MAC address filtering. This filtering is used to restrict unauthorized access. Certain Sharp models also have the ability to automatically encrypt any data stored on the drive of the machine. They can use password-controlled access or printing, which requires users to input a PIN, ensuring that your businesses information remains safe and secure.

Energy and cost efficient

Don’t waste your money on excess machines, too much paper and ink, or high energy machines. Sharp copiers have an energy efficient design for reduced warm-up times, and low energy consumption in standby mode.

If you’re interested in using a Sharp multifunction printer in your office, connect with us at Brock Office Automation. Book an appointment with us in our showroom and we’ll help you find the perfect piece of equipment for your office.


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