Choosing your office machines – an MFP or a desktop printer?

choosing your office machines

Technology is constantly changing how we do business and the way office work is performed. One of the biggest innovators within the office workplace has been multifunction printers (MFPs), helping businesses save money, space, energy bills, and time. Although MFPs have been an asset to businesses looking to improve document management, workflow, and office efficiencies, desktop printers are still found in workplaces. Choosing whether to use only MFPs, only desktop printers, or a variety of the two may be a tough decision for many businesses. There are many pros and cons for each, but in the end, it comes down to what office machines your business needs most.


Initial vs. recurring cost

Although printers are generally more cost-effective than the purchase of an MFP initially, MFPs tend to have a lower cost per printed page than a traditional desktop printer. Both devices tend to require servicing for every 7,000 to 15,000 pages, but due to an MFP being several machines all-in-one it is more economical. You should also factor in the cost of continuing consumables like rollers, toner, and energy usage.


Office space and environmental footprint

More often than not, MFPs take up less space than the multiple devices being replaced. MFPs are continually offering ever-increasing levels of functionality and becoming more and more compact. Although desktop printers offer the convenience of not having to leave the workstation, some MFPs have an environmental footprint the size of desktop printers, further enticing you to ditch the convenience reasoning.


Functionality & features

MFPs have many functions, ranging from photocopying, internet/network ready, network printing, scanning, faxing, colour printing and colour copying capability, replacing the need for other office machines. They provide distinct digitizing and networking features that can have a significant impact the way your office works. Their operating systems can enable you to digitize your workflows, reducing the need for paper documents and enhancing your document management. MFPs allow for better tracking and cost control than desktop printers, along with better integration with solutions for cost recovery, mobile printing, scan-to-cloud and more.


Office machines security

Many businesses still prefer printing confidential documents from their workstation, which is a big reason why desktop printers are so prominent. MFPs offer security features such as pull printing, which prevents printed documents from sitting in output trays, along with the use of individual codes designed to both secure the print process and track usage.


Sure, there’s many additional features that an MFP can offer your business, but that doesn’t mean that desktop printers should be overlooked. Depending on your specific business, a desktop printer may be more suitable for your needs. Weighing the pros and cons of these characteristics above and whether or not you need them can go a long way in making your final decision. Connecting with an office automation company like Brock OA is also a great way to get a better idea of your business needs. Get in touch with us today for your free office automation assessment and find the right office machines for your business.

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