New Office Automation Trends For 2018

We are now full swing into the new year, and we couldn’t be more excited about where things are going to take us!

Last year around this time we brought you the top MFP trends for 2017. Now, we’re taking a look at the office automation trends for 2018 to see what’s changed within the last 12 months.

Our main conclusions are that this year is going to be more digitally focused than ever, with more widely available options for mobile-compatible MFPs and wireless options. Take a look at these exciting new predictions!


Mobile First and Foremost

As with many industries, the office automation world is rising to meet the demand of mobile users. More multifunction printers are now able to connect to mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, allowing more remote access to printed materials and scanned or copied documents. This allows many team members to be able to access documents and files on the go, without logging on to a computer to print them out.


Task Unification and Merging

Now, many multifunction printers and copy machines allow for the integration of software, and we see this trend continuing to rise throughout the year. For example, some tools will allow you to automatically integrate information from the documents you’re working with into another platform, such as SalesForce or a backup program.


Saving Energy is Always on The Mind

For the last few years, saving energy on office equipment has been a major concern for both businesses and consumers. As the world becomes more aware of climate change, more people are taking action to do their part, and many workplaces are no different. Today’s MFP printers are continuing to increase their energy efficiency and provide solutions for the workplace that allow for more automated saving to continue.


Leaving it to The Cloud

Wireless printing has been on the rise since the dawn of the Internet, but it’s more prominent than ever in the modern workplace. In fact, most MFP devices absolutely need wireless functioning in order to be considered by many businesses. However, on top of wireless printing, multifunction printers are now able to scan documents and files directly into the cloud and to online storage folders where necessary.


If you’re looking for the best MFP to have in 2018, talk to an expert who can guide you through the options that are available. They’ll help you figure out how to find the best office automation equipment that does exactly what you need it to do to help your business succeed this year.


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