Needs Vs. Wants for you MFP Features

When buyers purchase a multifunctional printer there is a long list of add-ons they can choose from, similar to buying a car. This can be a bit overwhelming and can get quite costly. Depending on your business and your MFP needs, you may require a different element that will definitely improve your experience. Here is a list of the most common features and what they do. This will make your purchasing process easier, so when it comes time to selecting a new machine, you know what each feature does.

Document Feeder

This feature tends to be found on multifunction larger printing machines than smaller. Instead of having the glass pieces to handle the intake of paper, the document feeder rests on top of the machine lid and runs through a document at a much quicker pace. The upside of a document feeder is it can save a lot of time, however, it means a less compact machine.

Image Editing

You now have the ability to alter and resize your copied documents using a panel on the machine. Panels on an MFP are built with the same intuitive technology that is on an iPhone or Android. These intuitive features provide you the ability to swipe to recognize, reconfigure an image, and flip that document you copied upside down. For businesses dealing with a lot of documents that are large or getting ready to be sorted and filed electronically, this feature is an effective way to ensure the job is done completed with fewer runs through the copier.

Sorting Functions

Having a feature that takes multiple jobs and separates and collates them out, seems revolutionary. Well, with a sorting function it means no more sorting through the pile of paper that has been printed at your office’s multi functional printer. Your job will be neatly stacked and waiting for you. This feature is defiantly an added bonus but for many a luxury and not a necessity.

Stapling, Hole Punching & Binding

This feature helps to save additional labour time within your office. Having a feature as convenient as this will reduce the amount of time your staff typically takes to staple, hole punch and bind their copying. For many businesses who file the traditional way, this is the ultimate feature that your next MFP should include.

Double-Sided Printing

Double-sided printing has become more common in the past few years and the main reason is due to environmental responsibility. This feature prints quickly cuts your paper consumption in half and generally saves you money. Most MFP’s have double-sided printing as a standard feature nowadays. But for those that don’t, this is defiantly a feature you want to consider.

This list covers a few of the basic features that you can include in your next multifunctional printer. There are endless options these days and knowing which features will allow for increased productivity in your business is key.


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