My Office Equipment Isn’t Cutting Edge Enough

Cutting Edge

The daily battle with office equipment that doesn’t meet the needs of your business is a problem that we solve daily. Many companies invested large in their last machine and the pain point of that investment hasn’t left the owner’s mind… this makes an upgrade challenging to justify and difficult to rationalize. We get it. So how do you move past the internal battle or the resistance from your boss?


Minimize Your Office Equipment with an Upgrade

One of the first tactics that you can consider when you are going through the internal justification of yet another major investment for your business is the concept of minimizing. A good office machine will do just that for you. It will minimize the number of machines in the office, it will consolidate all of your needs into one machine. This equals a lot of cost savings.

  • You are now only servicing one machine (that is new, so the service bills are infrequent if existent at all)
  • You are only paying to plug in one machine (save money on energy and avoid the cost of just having machines running “in case we need them today”)
  • You are putting all of your regular maintenance costs into one machine (ordering one kind of toner, maintaining the paper supply for one machine)


Lease Don’t Buy

This is a common misconception in the office machine industry, and the reality is that most of our customers lease their machines, they don’t buy them. Some office machine providers don’t love this, but the fact of the matter is that a good machine will outlive its lease and that means there is value for the dealer at the end. If your provider is reluctant to lease you should start to question the longevity of the machine. There are also other added perks to the lease agreement.

  • Service contracts make dollars and cents sense to both the servicer (provided that they have an in house service team) and the leaser
  • You are paying a monthly amount to remain cutting edge and you can factor that into your monthly expenses continually, meaning that at the end of your lease you are going to get an even further improved machine
  • Lease lengths are flexible, that means you can meet your own needs as a priority, not the needs of the dealer


Up Your Office Productivity

The other element of the equation that is a buzz word and turns a lot of people off is “enhanced productivity.” We get it, you hear this about almost every office advancement on the market, and often it is the truth. Here we are simply talking about the ability to accomplish a lot of tasks at one station without the interruption of having to return to your desk and resend or reconfigure. This is considering your workplace as office 2.0


What Kinds of Products Should I Consider

The new office needs a multi-functional printer, period. That is the status quo of the office environment and any good consultant will tell you that is what you are looking for. The feature sets get complicated, and for some businesses they are absolutely necessary. Consider clicking below to go through our phone assessment to help you get the goods on exactly what family of products you should be considering, it will make things faster and easier as you approach your next buying decision.


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