Multifunctional Printers: An eco-friendly addition to your office



We’ve talked before about what a multifunctional printer (MFP) is and how it can have many benefits for your business. MFPs are the norm for office equipment now- from small to big businesses they increase productivity and convenience. Additionally, they cut down on the space required for equipment in your office and can be an cost effective and eco-friendly addition. Wait- have you ever considered an MFP eco-friendly? It’s time you did! Today we will examine three reasons why your multifunctional printer is an eco-friendly addition to your office.

Energy efficient

An MFP replaces all the stand-alone products in your office. No longer do you require three separate machines to complete a simple task. An MFP combines all the capabilities of all the necessary office equipment with an additional bonus: less energy required to run it.

Each individual device requires a significant amount of energy to run and when combined, that is a startling amount of energy that you’re required to pay for! A multifunctional printer uses less energy than stand-alone machines. With only one cable required to operate the machine, it limits cable congestion and lowers the electricity required to run the machine. By choosing an MFP, you lessen your carbon footprint by reducing energy consumed.

Digital copies

Today’s world is a technological world and that is especially true when looking at an office. No longer are you required to have a hard copy of every document- it’s time to turn digital! Multifunctional printers allow you to easily scan and covert documents into digital copies, limiting your need for printed versions. While we understand that the need for printing we never leave, you now have the ability to choose whether you want a digital copy or a printed copy, all from the same device. With less paper copies necessary, the environmental benefits are obvious.

Less supplies needed

Multifunctional printers increase efficiency in more than one way. By consolidating equipment, they tend to use less ink and toner. It provides you with cost saving measures but also helps to reduce the amount of waste from your office equipment.

A cost effective and eco friendly solution

Multifunctional printers are the clear solution if you are looking for cost effective and eco friendly equipment for your office. Newer products are designed to save you energy and money. In addition to cost effective measures, it also provides more eco-friendly qualities than older office equipment. Give the environment a helping hand by recycling your old office equipment and compounding them into one multifunctional unit.


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