Mobile printers: Epson unveils world’s smallest and lightest printer


Mobile Printing

At BrockOA, we strive to provide you with the best innovation and technology available in the office automation world. We are proud authorized dealers of Epson products and are happy to share one of their latest innovations. Epson has recently announced the world’s smallest and lightest mobile printer, the WorkForce WF-100- a great innovation for an evolving mobile workforce.


Be productive on the go

Your productivity no longer needs to slow down just because you’re on the go! The WorkForce WF-100 offers a sleek design, is the only portable printer on the market with an LCD screen, and is easily transported, weighing only 3 pounds. With dimensions of 30.9 x 15.4 x 6.1 cm, it can fit comfortably on your passenger seat, in the glove compartment or in a back seat pocket. You no longer need to worry about rushing to get documents printed before a meeting- make sure you get there in enough time and you can print them in the car.

Can’t find Wi-Fi? No problem

This printer is designed for professionals on the go. We’ve spoken before about the benefits of wireless printers, and with a built-in wireless connectivity, the Epson WorkForce WF-100 is the ultimate in wireless printing. You can print your documents from nearly anywhere. You don’t need to worry about having to connect to a router, or even connect to a Wi-Fi network. The built in Wi-Fi device also means that you can print directly from your smartphones and other mobile devices. Our use of mobile devices has us connected on the go more than ever before. With the light and small printer, you are no longer tied to the office or your home in order to print the documents you needs to conduct business.


It may be little, but it is powerful

Don’t let its size fool you! The WorkForce WF-100 produces quality prints with quick dry ink. Epson has designated specific ink catrdiges with pigmented ink, The pigmented ink dries faster to create quality and smudge-free printouts. It also provides flexibility in charging. Charge through a traditional cable or a USB. If you forget both, don’t worry, it also has a built in rechargable battery.

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