Make your office life easier with Sharp Remote Device Management



Your business should run like a well-oiled machine. Everyone should be able to carry out their duties efficiently and effectively without interruption and your office equipment should be able to keep up with the demand. With Sharp Remote Device Management Suite (RDMS), you’ll be able to accelerate routine tasks, assist and teach users remotely, and perform maintenance tasks without you or your support staff having to leave your chairs.


Sharp Remote Device Management Suite offers unprecedented control over the administration of your multi function device via a group of features that allow you to access your MFP’s functions from any computer on your network.


Diagnose issues, train users, and maintain

Picture this: a worker is trying to scan a document to file, but keeps getting an error message. He or she calls your support team, who is working in another part of your building. Rather than wasting time making the trip over, the support person opens up the Remote Front Panel feature on their desktop, sees the error and corrects it right from their desk, saving time and keeping the team member available to assist other staff. If the user also needs to scan to email or perform another function, the support worker has two options with the Remote Front Panel feature- they can either walk the user through the steps in real time or perform the task for them. They’ll also be able to change the settings on the device, such as scanning optimization, and perform firmware updates remotely.


Monitor and Manage

With Printer Status Monitor, users have an easy-to-use utility that provides them with information about each connected MFP on their desktop. They’ll know each device’s toner levels, paper supply and status, as well as view information about job progress from start to finish.


Remote Device Manager allows administrators to view detailed information about connectivity, usage, and consumable levels, ensuring that your equipment is always available and ready to meet your needs. Administrators also have the ability to group multiple devices together using details of their choosing (i.e. IP address, department, locations, etc.) for faster troubleshooting and deployment of devices to users via cloned settings, which helps by reducing set up time for new users and equipement. The feature also offers the ability to monitor toner levels by colour and monochrome levels, saving you money by optimizing usage and only having to replace the necessary cartridges.  The Suite can even be set up to send email alerts regarding device and consumable status, maintenance reminders and more to designated managers to improve monitoring at all levels!


No support desk? No problem

A dedicated support team might not be a viable or necessary option for your business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have someone manage your equipment. The RDMS can be combined with Sharp iDVM Architecture to provide your authorized Sharp service provider a secure, remote connection to your equipment  to allow them to perform routine maintenance, monitor usage, configure devices and so much more to help keep your equipment and your business running smoothly, without any equipment headaches.


The Remote Device Management Suite from Sharp will automate and improve your office, while saving you precious time and money. To see how your business can benefit from automation, book a Brock Office Automation assessment below!



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