Like your iPad? You’ll love the Sharp OP Panel



We’ve written about the Sharp’s awesome user interface before, but something that we haven’t discussed is the manufacturer’s ease of use for people who love their Apple products!


The Sharp Corporation, the company that produces great office equipment like the MX series multifunction printers, with their built-in keyboard and second generation micro-fine toner technology, is a major electronics producer that builds not only their own excellent selection of office, home and personal electronics, but also contributes electronic components to other company’s products as well. Most notably, the manufacturer contributed touch screen technology to the development of the iPhone and iPad from Apple.


For Apple product users, that means a smooth transition from your personal device to Sharp’s office equipment.


Just like an iPad, you have the ability to easily manipulate on-screen data using your fingers. Images can be stretched, shrank, and rotated using pinch, spread, swipe and tap motions. Text can be highlighted with a simple slide of the finger and documents are easily selected with a tap. Scanned multi-page documents will appear as a flow, much like the open applications on your device, and you can cycle through, move pages, and view reverse sides with flick! Just like an iPad as well, the OP Panel is bright and easy to read, featured on a 10.1” LCD touchscreen with power saving modes that power down the screen and the entire machine as well, ensuring you’re only using the energy you need to get the job done.


Finally, one of the parts we like best is the ability to print from your iPad or iPhone directly to your  equipment using the Sharp Desk Mobile app, available from the App store. It’ll recognize the Sharp machine you’re using and allow you to print immediately or hold onto it until the next time you’re there to pick it up.


Touchscreen is the present and future of office technology and it’s becoming easier to use all the time! What are you waiting for? Upgrade to touchscreen today!

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