Lawyers, MFP’s and Reliability: A field that is there when we need them, requires a machine that does the same



When people look for a lawyer, they are looking for reliability. You want your firm to be the source they can rely on and to be that office you need equipment to match. You can’t afford to tell your client progress has come to a halt because your office equipment is failing. Get the reliable MFP you need to be the reliable law office your clients need.


Reliability matters

According to research by Lexmark, reliability is the most important attribute when it comes to office multifunctional printers. Reliability was ranked at the top of the list of qualities by 72% of those surveyed, ranking it above paper capacity and energy efficiency.

So why is it so important to have a reliable printer in your law office? With printers playing a key role in document management processes, and the law industry being so heavily paper based, you need to be confident with your office equipment. Having a multifunctional printer that has staying power and integrates well into your office will maximize your return on investment and support your firm’s needs.


What reliability means

Reliability focuses on common printer problems and overall functionality. Of all the problems people experience the most common are:

  • Problems with paper feed 18% — This includes printers not taking paper, taking two pages at a time or repeated paper jams
  • Deterioration of print quality 14% — As your printer gets older, the quality of your printing decreases, not good for longevity
  • Ink jet stops working 11% — Print heads can get blocked to the point of being unable to clear it. Luckily, there is a way to avoid this problem all together — laser printing gives you superior quality and reliability.

You need a printer that avoids these issues and provide quality prints quickly, easily and affordably. With the amount of printed documents that come out of your law firm on a daily basis, you don’t have time for an unreliable printer and it’s myriad of malfunctions.


Unreliable MFPs cost your law firm money

Printer errors are surprisingly expensive for a law firm. Your time is valuable and a printer malfunction can take at least 10 minutes to solve — if you can fix it yourself. If you are working with an unreliable printer that is requiring two 10-minute problem solving sessions a day, the money wasted adds up. At the conservative administration rate of $25/hour (240 working days/year), this is costing your office $2,000/year. If each malfunction takes 15 minutes, your cost is up to $3,000. And this is assuming your office administration is taking care of the issue and the lawyer can continue to work. Imagine the cost if the entire office grinds to a halt because of unreliable print equipment.


How to be sure your MFP is reliable

If you are working with old, clunky office equipment, it’s time to upgrade. Buy good brand name products with a warranty so if there is a problem, it can be fixed or replaced in a timely manner. Alternatively, consider leasing your equipment from a dealer with an outstanding service department that stands behind their products and provides same-day service calls to keep your office running smoothly.

Speaking of dealers, when it’s time to buy office automation equipment, choosing the right dealer is just as important as choosing the right machine. In fact, the right dealer is the one who will make sure you purchase exactly what you need, so it can be argued that it is even more important in your plight for office automation.

At Brock Office Automation, we have spent more than twenty years building our business on a foundation of trust with our clients. We know the importance of having a reliable MFP in your law office to help make your business better.


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