Is the future inkjet? Epson’s EcoTank thinks so

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The print model is well documented, you purchase the machine itself for a relatively affordable price and then are faced with high replacement costs for ink. The reality for all businesses is that their ink replacement costs far out weight the actual cost of the printer.

Epson is finally addressing the headache that is multiple costly ink purchases by introducing  a new line of printers that hold enough ink to print at least 4000 documents. The printer will be called the Epson EcoTank.


The details on Epson’s EcoTank

Epson’s EcoTank printers will have large refillable ink tanks and claim that small-business model printers will not need to replace those tanks for two years on average.

The top-line EcoTank model will have a print yield of about 20,000 sheets and will have a hold capacity of 580 sheets.  In a recent press conference, Epson claimed business will be able to save an average of 50-70% with the new model.

The September release of the new print models are aimed mainly at small-business and consumers, but Epson does have two bulk-ink offerings on market.


Refilling your Epson EcoTank

An EcoTank will cost $13 for a bottle, but you will only need to purchase that bottle every two years dependent on your output.  Current ink prices can start around $25.00, but you will need to purchase each colour separately.


What can your current ink jet model do

If you own a small-business or home printer,  on average that printer will be able to produce 220 documents before the ink cartridge needs to be replaced. What’s more, once one colour runs out, all colours need to be replaced before the printer will work once again.


Printers will go up in price, but it’s cheaper in the long run

The new Epson models will start around $379, right now you can get a home or small-business model for around $70. However,  if you are currently purchasing ink cartridges quarterly, your total ink cost per year could is likely higher than $200.



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