Is it time to Replace my Old Office Equipment?



Are you starting to notice a lag in productivity in your office when it comes to anything print-related? It’s likely because your workplace is still attempting to operate with old out-of-date equipment. Not only is the technology out of date and lacking new innovations, your machines are likely costing time and money, neither of which is particularly easy to come by in a busy work environment.

Up-to-date equipment is integral to the success of a business and keeps you in the competitive market. But how do you know it’s time to upgrade?

Your service team is in the office more than you are

Your office equipment — including multifunctional printers (four-in-one printers, for example), copiers, scanners and fax machines — are machines that are made up of many intricate moving parts. When one of those parts malfunctions, your whole system goes down and productivity grinds to a halt. These errors require skilled service technicians to repair, and if they are coming in more than once every few months (compare this to when you purchased it), you are throwing money at a machine that will likely completely break down soon. Rather than investing in quick “for now” fixes, it might be time to put those service dollars towards something new.

Your cost per print is getting out of control

If you are dealing with an old machine, you may start having a difficult time getting the necessary supplies (toner, ink, replacement parts etc.) at reasonable price in an acceptable amount of time. As new innovations are released, the supplies for those products become more readily available at a lower price point. If you’re finding that toner less available and twice as costly, look into something new with necessities that are easy to find and more affordable to stock.

Those new features are looking pretty appealing

It probably isn’t unlikely that your print needs have changed since you purchased that ten-year-old office equipment. Print numbers have likely increased, demand has changed and the necessary capabilities have increased. With office needs constantly evolving, office equipment has stayed on the cutting edge of innovative technology to stay one step ahead of workplace necessities. Without these innovations, you are probably seeing everyone work twice as hard and long on a task that could be done much more efficiently on new equipment. Let’s be honest, time is money, and the less time spent on mundane print jobs, the better that time and money can be spent elsewhere.


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