Inkjet vs. Multifunction Laser Printer: Which one is for me?

multifunction laser printer

You’ve probably seen within the product descriptions on almost every office printer, they are listed as “ink printer” or “toner printer”. You may see these and not fully understand the differences, so we’re going to break down what is different between the two and help you decide what the best mfp is for you.

Toner is what is used in multifunction laser printers. A multifunction laser printer uses the toner to etch your printed image onto the paper. An inkjet printer uses ink. The ink is used by dispersing it onto the paper in a fine mist which creates an image. Depending on the ink used, it creates some differences between the printers.

Printer speed

Multifunction laser printers that use toners are the fastest option to choose for printing. This is because a laser printer outperforms ink due to the precision of the laser etching. They also have a higher page per second rate, largely because they are overall faster printers but also because the etching and toner allows for a better general functionality.

Inkjet MFPs are the slower of the two, both because it takes longer to print with ink as the ink needs to spray across the paper to create an image,  but also because it has a smaller batch output. Due to the smaller sizes of ink cartridges, inkjet printers can’t print as quickly or as much as a laser printer.

Quality of printing

The highest quality printing is achieved with a laser printer mfp. Images printed with a laser printer are clearer and more defined. This is because of the etching method of printing, which is more precise and accurate with the small details in images.

Inkjets, unfortunately, don’t offer the same high quality that laser printers do. Due to the method of spraying ink to create the image, inkjets don’t offer the same precision and detail that lasers do. However, inkjet printers do dry the ink faster which makes ink images less prone to smudging than laser printed images.

Cost differences

An inkjet printer is cheaper in upfront costs, but in the longer term, however, a laser printer will be more cost effective. This is due to the quantity of pages output, and the size of the refill cartridges. A laser printer’s toner cartridges last longer, and you get more pages out of one cartridge. An inkjet printer, however, has smaller ink cartridges, which need to be replaced more frequently.

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