Sharp MFPs & Drive Increase Productivity

Five years ago, most companies would have to scan document records individually, rename each document, and file it in the appropriate digital folder. Once the document was scanned there was no way to pull up a specific record without going into each digital folder in order to look up the record that you are searching for. With technology constantly evolving and advancing, Sharp has developed MFP’s with added drives that work hand in hand with each other to increase office productivity and decrease the amount of time it takes you to electronically file documents.

How Sharp MFPs and Drive Technology Work

Sharp Multifunction printers (MFPs) with pcProc card readers and deployed Drivve | Image Document Capture software work collectively in order to reduce the gap between scanning documents and digitally filing them.

You might be wondering how it works? Well, with Drivve | Image it allows users to scan directly to their home folders, tag files, and scan to optical character recognition (OCR) so files are able to be searchable whenever users need to pull up files at a later time.

Additional Features

Another great feature this revolutionary MFP and drive offer to businesses is that Drivve | Image can be integrated with a company’s existing directory. Allowing users to authenticate themselves at the MFP in order to access their predefined scanned documents, further increasing digital document processing optimization.

For large businesses or organization, additional features such as mounting pcProx Card Readers to MFPs can allow employees to use an ID card for authentication while using the company MFP. Eliminating the employee from having to manually type in their network credentials.

Productivity Results

With adding a Sharp MFP and Drivve | Image Document Capture software it can allow for an increased productivity in your companies office. Eliminating the overall time it takes your staff to file documentation digitally. With a large portion of offices moving to digital filing systems, this system will help companies to eliminate the overall time it takes to file documentation on a digital platform.

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