How to Plan your Niagara Office Workspace


Plan your workspace

Your office can feel like your home away from home, especially if you’re spending over 40 hours of your week there. It should be a functional space that never feels like a burden. Whether you are a startup just opening an office or an established business that wants to make a change, your Niagara office workspace needs to be designed with environment and efficiency in mind. That is why you need to approach planning your workspace strategically. Read on for a list of steps on how to plan your Niagara office workspace.

Determine Your Budget

Your budget is the most important thing to consider when developing your new office space. Take a look at your business model to determine how much in total you can spend on the space. Then breakdown your budget to include all necessary costs, don’t forget to include moving costs, equipment costs and miscellaneous costs.


Determine What Equipment Your Business Requires

Take the time to learn what office equipment you require in order to perform your daily tasks. Run through how you complete each task and make a list of what equipment you require to do so. Planning a new office can be a great time to re-evaluate your office equipment needs. If you need to invest in new equipment or if you wish to, consider space saving technologies. Hardware, like an all-in-one-printer, will allow to consolidate your office machines. Whereas software, like a document management system, will allow you to take your office files virtual, reducing the need for bulky filing cabinets. Saving space and investing in efficient machines positions your office for maximum productivity.


Map out the Space

Now that you have a budget and all of your equipment is sorted, you should consider drawing a layout that is customized to your day-to-day operations. Think about space efficiency when designing your layout – consider where your office equipment will go, divide up the public and private space that you need and get creative about storage. You should also consider an open office layout, it will reduce furniture needs and bonus, it is know to foster an atmosphere of exchange and teamwork.

Having a plan when designing your office allows you to apply all of your ideas and considerations in order to create the most efficient space possible. Connect with Brock Office Automation and let us help you find the office equipment solutions to transform your new space.



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