How to Pick the Right Copier for your Church



Communicating with your congregation is an integral part of your church’s work and you have many printed pages to spread the word. Newsletters, flyers, teaching materials and bulletins are all made much easier to create and distribute when you have a good photocopier.

Your worship facility relies on staying on the features and capabilities of a office equipment that is seeing innovations so rapidly, it’s hard to know what you need and how to plan for an upgrade. The last thing your church office needs or wants is an office full of obsolete equipment that barely gets you by.


Create a list of must-haves

If you’re working with an outdated machine, you probably haven’t even considered what upgrading can mean for you. With new MFP technology, you can scan, copy and print all from the same device. Beyond that, you can print double-sided, booklet pages for your bulletins and even have your machine staple them for you. Many options that were expensive add-ons several years ago now come standard, so make sure to ask what capabilities are out there to meet your wants and needs.


Figure out how often you will use your copier

If you run a lot of copies regularly, and we know at a worship facility you are running large print jobs on at least a weekly basis, you want a printer that can handle your needs. MFPs run the gamut of 20 to 110 pages per minute in black and white with colour bring slightly slower. When you run a lot of copies, you can’t have a slow printer. When you upgrade from your old printer to a brand new copier, you’ll be amazed at how much faster your have enough bulletins for your entire congregation.


Ask other churches what they use

Asking for testimonials from other churches and worship facilities will help you get a better idea of what works and doesn’t work with your peers needs. Know that you will be talking to people who either love or hate their machines and there is a vast number of options out there, so it may confuse you more than anything. But by hearing what features people love, what they dislike, what they use and what they don’t, you can better judge what your church office needs and wants.


Know your service contract and team

You need your bulletins printed according to your worship schedule and can’t afford a malfuntion that will prevent your print job from happening. When you choose your dealer and machine, you need a service contract that has a quick response time to solve any problem you have to make sure you have bulletins ready for your service always. Ask your office equipment dealer what options are available to ensure you won’t have to explain to your congregation why you do not have the printed materials they know and need.


Should you lease or buy?

With the amount of printing your church office does, staying on the cutting edge of office equipment technology will only make your job easier. While buying a machine may sound appealing, think about leasing. Not only do you forgo the expensive upfront costs of purchasing a new copier (which can cost thousands), you can have the latest and greatest in your church office for a monthly fee with the ability to upgrade at the end of your lease term.


With these things in mind, is it time to upgrade your church office equipment? The speed and innovations that are out there mean your church bulletins, newsletters and flyers can be printed and in the hands of congregation with the push of a button or touch of a screen. It’s easy and problem-free when you have the right copier and dealer for your church.


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