How to ensure your network printer is secure

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Ensure your network

You’ve probably invested in securing your internet and office computers, but have you thought about ensuring that your network printer is secure? When your printer operates on a network it becomes a place for mass document and data storage. This data is vulnerable to outside sources, if your network printers security has not been properly configured.

Networks printers generally do not provide default security features, the only way to ensure that an outside source cannot breach your printer data is to properly manage and protect the device.

Administrative security measures

Appoint someone in your office to manage authorization and control of access to your printer. This person can authorize usage by person and apply authentication measure such as pin numbers, or LDAP authentication. First ensure that your printers default login and password has been set, if it has not been set permission by authentication can not be set-up. If you have a newer printer it should come with access control software.

When it is time to sell off your printer or if you are returning it at the end of a lease, ensure that all documents are deleted from the printer’s memory.


Data security measures

The simplest measure of data protection is to connect the printer directly to a machine via USB. We know that this is not possible for larger business, but small to medium size business can get away with this practice.

If your printer needs to be on a network, ensure that it has firewall protection, if it does not anyone can access and the documents that are saved in its memory. You will need to configure the firewall so that only authenticated hosts are able to access it.

Similar to your laptop or PC, a printer needs routine virus and malware scans and software updates need to be applied.

Please be aware that this is general advice, in order to configure your specific device contact a printer vendor, like Brock Office Automation.


New options for security

Printing brand are now issuing cloud encryption technology specifically tailored to printers. This technology allows you to send a print job to your secure cloud where it will then be safeguarded through encryption and can only be printed upon user authentication. This is new technology and usability will depend on compatible software to printer.

Many printer manufacturer’s offer security configuration guidelines and upgrade technologies, they are easily searchable on the internet. However, we recommend working with an experienced IT or an experienced employee when setting up your network security protocols. For more information on securing your printer click here. 
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