How to convince your boss to invest in document management


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If you’re the member of your office that is dealing with document management on a daily basis, whether it be filing, requesting, or searching for documents, it can be obvious to you how beneficial document management software can be. However, if you’re farther removed from the day-to-day processes, it may not be a clear decision. When you’re not the decision maker in your company, what is the best way to approach the person who is? We here at Brock Office Automation have some tips to help you convince your boss to switch to document management software.

Arm yourself with information

Before you think about approaching the decision maker in your company, you’re going to need to compile all the necessary information and prepare. Think about why there might be objections to going paperless. Some of the most common objections include a fear of change, a fear of security, and an investment cost. By doing the research, you’ll be able to approach your boss with all the information you need to make a compelling, and successful, argument.

Find allies

Is anyone else in your department or office experiencing the same issues you are regarding your current paper management system? If they are, it’s a good idea to get some support. Ask your co-workers how the document solution system would improve their ability to work. When you approach your boss and can prove that it can benefit more than a few people and can increase efficiency, you’ll have a much better chance at convincing them.


Focus on the ROI

When it comes down to it your boss wants to hear numbers. How will investing in document management software improve the company’s return on investment? It’s not just about the initial cost either, you’ll want to look at all the measurable benefits. Look at the costs of materials without the software (toner, shredding services, filing cabinets, etc.) and how you’ll be able to save money in the long run.


Paperless benefits

Enhance accessibility and improve productivity

You’ll be able to access your files from anywhere, which will lead to an increase in efficiency. Documents will be easier to track and share.

Reduce costs

Reduce labour costs associated with paper. This should all be included in your focus of ROI.

Enhance security

It’s all about keeping documents safe and with the software you’ll be able to access audit trails and encrypt your data.

When you do the research and are able to speak to your boss about how a document mangament system can improve the office and the company’s ROI. Looking for more information on document management software? Connect with Brock Office Automation today about finding the right system.


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