How to Convince Your Boss to Get New Copy Machines

Discussing new copy machines with management

All office workers can probably agree that a functional, digital photocopier makes everyone’s workday a little easier.

If you have to deal with a loud, semi-operational copier in your office, maybe you’ve considered trying to convince your boss to invest in a new copier and get rid of that old equipment.

If that’s you, let’s go over some key points you can discuss with your boss to persuade them to buy a new copier for the office.


The Cost of Paper

Printing on a digital machine rather than an analogue machine saves approximately $0.01 per page. That doesn’t seem like a big number. However, you might want to frame it to your boss like this:

The average employee prints off 10,000 sheets of paper per year. If you’re saving $0.01 for every one of those sheets, you’re saving $100 per employee. If your company has 20 employees, that’s $2000 per year.

Also consider the paper that’s wasted. Printing unnecessary documents, copying duplicates, finding out there was an error on something printed, losing or ruining sheets or using the copier wrong are things that happen all the time. All that paper turns into waste.

That extra $0.01 adds up. Your employer should appreciate the savings in the long run.


Energy Consumption

When thinking about conserving energy, it’s important to think about how long your copier takes to warm up, and how long it’s running each day. Due to advancements in technology, new copy machines don’t need as much energy to function properly.


Get a Multifunctional Copier

New copiers do a lot more than just photocopy. Now, you only need one machine to print, scan, copy, fax and collate. Yes, your boss may be investing in a top-of-the-line copier now, but they’re replacing multiple machines in the office with a multifunctional printer.


Life gets Easier

When you get rid of the extra equipment in the office, everything gets less stressful. Printing things off that look nice and that are produced quickly will help any business run smoothly. Sending things to the printer, then picking them up when it’s convenient can improve the flow of a workplace.


Hopefully, using these tips you can convince your boss to invest in the best printers and scanners for your office.


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