How to choose the right printer for your retail store


Choosing the right printer

Running a retail store is as challenging as it is exciting. You’re likely wearing a lot of hats – business manager, human resources, salesperson, inventory clerk, etc. – all while managing the day to day operations of your store. It’s a busy life, but we know you love it.


When you carry all that responsibility, you need all the parts of your business to work right, including your office equipment. Acquiring the right solution for your store is important as you need reliability and efficiency in a machine that is going to last a long time. Fortunately, picking the right machine for your business is simple when you know what you’re looking for.


Know your output

Determine what exactly you’re planning on doing with your equipment. For example, do you print your own labels for merchandise? You’ll want to make sure your new printer can handle the right type of paper to continue doing so. What about signage? If you love making colourful signage to accompany your displays, you’ll need to make sure your printer can produce the colours you’re looking for. Remember, there is a lot more to colour printing than simply selecting the colour option on your printer. Knowing how much you’ll be printing in both colour and black & white, especially if you’re printing receipts without a receipt printer, will allow you to make a more informed decision when you meet with your dealer.


Know your input

If you’re working with an older printer at this time, it may not include a scanner with it. This is a good time to consider how you manage your invoices, receipts, order sheets and other important documents. Today’s multi-function devices can print, scan, copy, and allow you to send documents directly from the machine via fax or scan-to-email. With all of these capabilities, you can eliminate other outdated devices  (fax machines and scanners) from your location saving precious floor space and revitalize your document management methods making your work more efficient and your life easier.


Ask around

Fortunately, as a retailer, you’re not along. Ask the businesses around you what kind of machines they use and why they chose it. Get testimonials not only about the device itself but about the dealer they purchased it from. Finding out what they like and don’t like, as well as the features they have and wish they had will make it easier to judge what your business needs.


Know your service contract and team

The more you rely on your machine for everyday operations, the less you can afford a malfunction. When choosing your machine and dealer, you need a service contract that has a quick response time to solve any problem you have to make sure your business is not interrupted because you can’t print an invoice or scan an order sheet.


Should you lease or buy?

Budgets in any retail environment will be tight, so purchasing outright may not be the best option since MFDs can cost thousands. By leasing, you’ll have a better opportunity to acquire the latest and greatest machine that suits your needs, dodge the upfront costs of purchasing, and have the opportunity to upgrade at the end of the lease, for a significantly lower monthly fee.


With these tips in mind, have you decided it’s time to upgrade your retail store’s document solution? The technology that exists now means you can reduce the size and amount of equipment you need to keep your business running efficiently and profitably and have the peace of mind that your new machine will keep working for as long and hard as you do.

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