How to choose the right equipment for your boardroom

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Choose the right equitment

Your boardroom leaves as lasting impression on clients, just as you do, so planning out its design is extremely important. The room should be well equipped, so that you are positioned for success during meetings and presentations.

Once you have settled on the layout and chosen the furniture, it is time to equip your boardroom with successful office automation solutions. Below we outline the best equipment for your boardroom to ensure that your meetings are effective and productive.


Whiteboards are the perfect visual tool for discussion, brainstorming and highlighting important points. The board is easily erasable and you can use many different colour markers to organize your thoughts. You can easily use the board, if large enough, as a screen for your projector.

Whiteboards have recently gone electronic, you can project your computer’s desktop display on the whiteboard service. The presentation user can now use their finger or an electronic pen to control the computer. Most interactive whiteboards include USB technology, stereo speakers and wifi connection.

Presentation solutions

Sometime it’s easy to forget how important and effective presentation software can be in a meeting. Projectors are the perfect solution for presenting along with a PowerPoint presentation, an Excel document or a brand video. Owning an office projector is also useful for out-of-office sales calls and presentation, most weigh between 3 to 8 lbs. so they are easily portable.

Conference call

Investing in a conference call system for your boardroom is the best way for you to connect multiple people in various locations to your meeting. It’s also great for any remote employees to participate in the meeting from a far. Conference calling is the best way for you to reduce travel costs whether it be for a client or for an employee and by placing it in your boardroom, no one person’s office need be dedicated as the central call location.

Wireless networked multifunction printer

If your meeting in the boardroom is a work based, brainstorming meeting, it is essential that you have outfit the room with a multifunction printer on a wireless network.  Having the ability to print and scan documents without having to leave the room will allow you to focus at the task at hand without the interruption of employees or constantly constantly coming and going from your closed meeting.

Creating the right atmosphere for your office will help you to execute effective meeting and presentations. Interested in learning more about boardroom equipment? Connect with your local office automation dealer and get started by downloading our FREE buying guide.

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