How a service contract can save you money


Service contract

nvesting in office automation for your business undoubtedly will increase productivity and efficiency in the office.  Today’s MFP have become the workhorses in the office.  We have come to rely heavily on their service and they play an integral role in daily office operations. When your MFP does not perform the way you need it to (most likely at a time when you really need it), it can be frustrating and sometimes a costly experience. While you can’t guarantee that your MFP will always perform at peak levels, you can be prepared. A service contract can save you money and protect your office equipment investments.

Reduce your downtime and get back to work

Office equipment that play such a large role in operations needs to be maintained to continue operating efficiently. A breakdown or out of service machine costs time, reduces productivity and can be costly to repair. Enter your service contract to the rescue! Service contracts can help save time, money and reduce down-time resulting in improved productivity.

A solution is only a phone call away

Service contracts generally provide ongoing maintenance and service for your equipment for a monthly fee, for a set term.  These contracts allow businesses to easily budget for costs related to office equipment. Without a contract, maintenance and repairs can be quite costly and inevitably come at the most inopportune time.  With a service contract in place, you are a phone call away from getting back to business, without the worry of an expensive repair bill.

Increase productivity while saving your company money

In addition to cost savings, service contracts reduce downtime and increase productivity.  In a busy office, out of service or broken machines can have a huge impact on the business which can negatively affect your bottom line.  So don’t delay, connect with your local dealer today to discuss how you can be protected and prepared when it comes to your office equipment. Looking for more information? Read our blogs about choosing a local dealer and if your dealer can actually no longer service your machine.



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