Your guide to Panaboards and Interactive Whiteboards

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If you have never heard of a Panaboard, then you are about to read about a revolutionary technology that will change the efficiency of your office meetings. A Panaboard is a line of whiteboard with built in electronic technology that eliminates your need to take notes and and if the panaboard includes interactive whiteboard technology, your efficiency goes further with projector abilities.


Functions of a Panaboard

There are two main functions that a Panaboard provides:

  1. To record notes written on the whiteboard
  2. To project PC screen on to the whiteboard

The first function is provided by a Colour or Standard Panaboard. Once a meeting is completed the Panaboard will scan the information on its surface and save it to a memory card or USB device to printed off directly from the board or emailed to your team. This technology completely eliminates the need for extra note taking.  A Colour Panaboard allows for a coloured or black and white print option.

The second function is provided by a Interactive Whiteboard. Any PC can be projected on to the board and the PC can then be controlled from the board. You can pull up web pages, change the presentation slide and even write over the information projected on the board. An interactive whiteboard also provides print technology.


Types of Panaboards

  1. Colour Panaboard – click here for an example
  2. Interactive Whiteboard – click here for an example
  3. Standard Panaboard – click here for an example


Solutions the board’s offer

  • Eliminates the needs for note taking
  • Dynamic brainstorming capabilities
  • Ability to write comments and marks directly on presentations
  • Ability to distribute minutes/meeting notes directly following
  • Uses minimal space  and is capable of being wall mounted (eliminating the needs for a projector/projector screen)
  • Eliminates the need for a scanner/copier at meetings

To browse the a full selection of Panaboards and Interactive Whiteboards or to learn more about the various presentation technology options visit Brock OA’s presentation solutions page.

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