Robustelli acquisition strengthens Epson office machines

Epson has agreed to purchase 100% of the capital of Fratelli Robustelli, an Italian textile printer manufacturing company that is a leader in the textile printing industry. This acquisition will benefit Epson as their aim with this agreement is to drive synergies and further increase customer value by expanding their scope of the two companies’ collaboration in digital inkjet textile printing.


Office machines benefit from this acquisition

Robustelli joining the Epson Group allows it to leverage Epson’s manufacturing capabilities to bring advantages of its digital inkjet textile printers to more customers around the world. Epson also benefits from this move as they can use Robustelli’s expertise to to accelerate development of their business office equipment and enhance the companies’ abilities to meet customer needs with a wider lineup of products.


With the digital textile printing market expected to grow at an annual rate of 25% worldwide, office equipment dealers will have to adapt to this demand. Not only will Epson use its manufacturing network to meet the growing demand, but Epson will also provide the Monna Lisa (registered trademark of Robustelli) office machines to more countries and regions around the world with its worldwide sales and service network that’s already established.


About Robustelli and comments about acquisition

Robustelli specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of digital inkjet textile office machines, notably the Monna Lisa series, which it began developing with Epson in 2003. Located in Como, the heart of the Italian and European high-quality printing textile industry, Robustelli has a strong brand image established by the beautiful gradations and colour reproduction it provides.


Valerio Robustelli, one of the F.lli Robustelli proprietors, saying: “We are happy and proud to become members of the Epson Group…The combination of our respective skills is the natural conclusion of a process of innovation to satisfy customers in Italy and the rest of the world.”


Epson’s COO of their Professional Printing Operations Division, Sunao Murata, is scheduled to be appointed president of Robustelli, and commented on this acquisition, stating that “…formalizing our partnership with Robustelli in this way puts us in a great place to meet the needs of the growing numbers of customers who are seeking to leverage the advantages of advanced digital solutions that will help drive their businesses forward.”


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