Epson RIPS simplifies your document handling

document handling made easy with Epson

Epson, one of the many brands we at Brock OA have in our inventory, continues to prove to businesses that efficient office equipment is important for improving your bottom line and document handling. H&R Block is a recent example of companies recognizing the potential of utilizing these business machines and how much better of a choice it is compared to the existing printers probably scattered around your office.


document handling made easy with Epson RIPS

Looking for an answer to printers all over the office, this H&R Block office wanted one MFP that could do it all. 40,000 documents a year adds up if you’re not managing your printing costs properly, and so they upgraded to the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R8590TC, going from seven cents per page to one cent.

A representative from this H&R Block office, Jim Dryburgh, stated that “We really did look at all the different manufacturers’…a laser printer plus all of the toner was more expensive than the Epson RIPS solution.


The office equipment solution you’re looking for

The office is already starting to see the added benefits of going with this multifunctional printer, including simplified multi-page, double-sided and working pages along with various office administration.

The cost of ink along with the amount of prints available prior to having to change ink are added benefits to Epson machines, along with the multi-tray printing function and the simplicity of inkjet solutions.


Introduction of RIPS technology

The WorkForce RIPS printers provide ink to print up to 75,000 A4 pages of black and colour. The RIPS technology offers one of the lowest print costs in the category of 30 Paise for B&W and 75 Paise for colour along with a low energy consumption of 40Watts.

Business owners and corporates can enhance their document handling with these business machines with the freedom to print without worrying about cost or waste associated with the product.

Brock Office Automation features a variety of solutions to your business needs. We’re business machine specialists and have been servicing Hamilton and the Niagara Region with expertise for 25 years. Connect today and simplify your document handling.

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