Being environmentally-conscious with your office equipment

environment and your office equipment

Implementing eco-friendly office practices to your business not only helps the environment but can also save you money. Your office equipment is one of the first things that should be looked at when adjusting your business practices with a more environmentally-focused strategy. Going green doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive process if you take the right steps in doing so. Sustainable business practices are great for your bottom line, you just have to know the right tricks for how to do it successfully.


1. Buying in bulk

Buying supplies like toner or recycled paper? Save on per-unit cost and reduce waste by buying in bulk. Bulk uses less packaging and looking for products with “high-efficiency” or “high-capacity” on them can help lower your per-print and per-unit cost.


2. Energy-saving products

Many innovative products today are energy-savers. By being conscious about the products you’re buying and specifically looking for ones that are proven to save energy can help you save money on your energy bills. A lot of systems today can also pick up on your workplace’s usage patterns adjust between power saving and ready modes to further conserve energy.


3. Replace stand-alone devices with MFPs

Instead of buying individual scanners, printers, and copiers, buying one product that can do it all is the best option. You’ll save money by purchasing one device rather than several, and you’ll cut energy due to only having to provide for one machine.


4. Donating old office equipment

This is just a simple answer to reducing the clutter in your office while being environmentally-conscious. Donating equipment is helps ensure it doesn’t end up in a landfill, and from a business perspective, it’s great PR.


5. Document handling solutions

Document management is one of the common ways businesses look to be more sustainable. Printing on both sides is a great way to reduce paper use. Most MFPs if not all of them today provide the option of double-sided printing. Some document scanners on multifunction printers allow you to scan both sides of a page at one for fast double-sided copying.


6. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Recycling paper fiber saves trees, energy, water, and chemicals. Providing a recycling box by each desk is a great way to promote recycling along with using recycled content papers and papers certified to sustainable forest management standards (FSC or SFI). Promote these efforts by offering employees incentives who cooperate and share the businesses successes.


There are tons of minor changes you can make to your business to ensure you’re working in a sustainable manner. Office machines heavily contribute to your sustainable goals. If you’re not choosing the right MFPs and other office equipment for your business, not only will you be hurting your sustainable efforts, but you’ll be hurting your bottom line. Brock OA is Niagara’s office equipment retailer. Connect with us today to ensure you’re choosing the right office equipment for your business.

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