Don’t sacrifice quality for convenience when buying your office printer

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Whenever a business, especially a small one, is in need of a new printer, it can be tempting to run off to the nearest big box store and pick up the cheapest machine that you think will fit your needs. Big box stores are everywhere and generally have a different printer on sale every week. It might seem like a great deal at the time, but in the end, skipping a specialized dealer will cause you more frustration than you need.


Better options

Office equipment dealers will offer options for both buying and leasing quality machines for your business. You might like the price of the printer at the big box store, but have you considered why it’s been marked down so low? There is a good chance it’s an outdated model or a device with limited capabilities that won’t grow with your business. You’ve spent the money on a single printer that will end up sitting unused a year from now when your business has grown. By leasing from a dealer you’ll have access to the latest and greatest technology with the ability to upgrade as your needs change.  If you choose to buy, your dealer will make sure to look ahead at where your business is going to ensure you continue to see a return on your investment.


Better Service

Big box stores will often tout customer experience and their commitment to your needs, but how far does that extend once you leave the store? Authorized equipment dealers know that your needs don’t end when you pay the bill. They offer delivery, set-up, and skilled post-sale service to make sure your printer or multifunction device continues to meet all of your needs.


If your big box office printer goes down, it’s up to you to bring it back for repair, if that’s possible. With a dealer, a knowledgeable, authorized technician can be dispatched to your location to diagnose and repair on the spot, using parts that are readily available from the OEM. Instead of wasting time bringing your printer back to the store, you can continue working while the tech gets your equipment back online.


Don’t settle for convenience over the quality of an specialized office equipemtn dealer. You’ll likely end up spending the money you save on the printer on subpar peripherals like small ink or toner cartridges or by replacing the device completely. Dealers like Brock Office Automation offer quality office equipment that come with the scalability, service packages, and warranties to ensure that your printer, copier, or scanner keeps up with your business.

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