Don’t Burn Out At The Office: It’s All in the Ergonomics


Don't burn out

How do you feel at the end of the work day? If the words “tired,” “sore,” or “burnt out” come to mind, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault. You can caffinate all day, change your sitting position a thousand times and go to bed as early as you want the night before, but the problem may lie in the ergonomics of your work space. Making a few simple changes and following some easy guidelines will have your office feeling more energized and much more productive.


Watch your posture

Don’t be a slouch! Slouching is the number one culprit when it comes to back pain and it’s entirely up to you. When you slouch you put pressure on the discs and vertebrae in your back and that causes discomfort. Sitting up straight will take the pressure off and evenly distribute your weight to prevent pain.

Also be aware of your head position. Your neck is there to support the weight of your head, so try to keep you head directly over it. Don’t crane your head and neck forward, move your whole body.


Proper Work Space Setup

It is much easier to control your posture when you have set up your work space correctly. Your monitor should be right in front of you with the top no higher than eye level. Put your keyboard directly in front of the monitor to avoid having to constantly turn you head and strain your neck. Speaking of your keyboard, make sure it is close enough to you to prevent straining your shoulders and arms by constantly reaching.


It’s All in the Chair

When you are spending 50 – 70% (or more!) of your day sitting at work, you need a chair that meets your needs for comfort and ergonomics. Make sure your chair allows you to adjust it so you are sitting up straight with both feet firmly on the floor. Picture yourself as a series of right angles — that’s the way to avoid fatigue and discomfort all day.


Avoid Eye Strain

You may not be as tired as you think you are at the end of your work day. No amount of coffee will wake up your eyes if they are tired from straining to see your monitor all day. If your monitor is too close or far, you spend the majority of your day straining to read, whether you’re aware of it or not. Try to place your monitor about an arm’s length away for optimal ergonomics.

While you’re at it. if you have glare from a window or bright background, you aren’t doing your eyes any favours. Try to re-position yourself to minimize glare and eye strain.

Give your eyes a rest every now and then by looking away from your monitor or close reading and focusing on something on the other side of the room. At the end of the day, you’ll find you aren’t as tired as you think you are.


Take a Walk

Don’t spend your entire day at your desk. Get up and walk around, take a lunch break and get away. If you’re swamped, take some time to do some simple stretches at your desk. Here are some great ones:

Desk Stretches


Higher productivity levels in your office aren’t just about the equipment you use but the well being of your staff. It doesn’t matter how fast your printer prints or how many tasks your MFP can handle at once if everyone is burnt out. Make sure you are getting the most out of your equipment by making sure you are getting the most out of a happy and healthy staff.

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