Why document imaging is important for your business

document imaging solutions

Document imaging is an effective way to convert your paper or microfilm documents into digital files by using equipment like scanners or special cameras to take a picture of the information you’d like to convert. Document imaging capabilities are crucial to any business if you’re looking to digitize, process, and store paper documents. Innovation is important in today’s world, and this is another effective way to find the information needed to help your business process flow. Here’s why you should be considering document imaging for your business.


On-demand and high volume

The advanced document imaging systems feature customizable folder structures in which all documents can be stored and accessed on demand. You should also be able to import documents in multiple ways from scanning single sheets of a document to batches of documents. With innovative capabilities such as the mobile capture options, users are able to import photos taken from their smartphones or tablets directly into the repository. Some of these systems give users the ability to scan documents to the same repository no matter their geographic location.


Why you should use document imaging

Document imaging may not be the innovative tool your business needs, but it is definitely something to consider. Here are a few reasons why it’s an effective process to use:

  • Frequent retrieval – Converting the document to a format that can be accessed through the Internet has never been so easy. This reduces your time spent searching for documents you may need from time to time.
  • Enterprise document sharing – Some documents need to be viewed by several people at the same time, the easy answer to this is going digital, that way multiple departments or even multiple facility locations have access.
  • Document search and retrieval – Imaged documents must always be accompanied by information that facilitates retrieval. The document metadata can be searched in a database and greatly improve information retrieval speed.


Tight security and facilitates collaboration

The document systems can apply access and feature rights to different documents and folders. Some Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems allow users to track who made changes in documents stored in the repository and when they were made. The annotation capabilities are also great as they allow users to collaborate on the creation and modification of documents stored across the enterprise. Sticky notes, photos or images, black and white-out redactions, text boxes, and stamps are the annotation methods used.


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