Diminish Office Costs, Manage your Print

Typically when you consider your office’s daily print jobs, do you imagine throwing money down the drain with all those copies that pile up in the recycling bin throughout the day? Printing is usually a necessity in business expenses, but it doesn’t have to be a wasted cost. Having the right multifunctional printer, examining your printing needs, and habits can allow you to cut unnecessary printing that will hopefully allow your business to stay within their yearly printing budget.

Print in black-and-white

No. Many print jobs are used as reference points – emails, research, documents, meaning that black-and-white printing will do the trick. Using coloured printing is not always required. If the documents you are printing are for personal reference, or will be stored in a binder and hardly looked at, what is the point in printing in colour? Having colourful headers, signatures, colour photos, are usually not necessary. A quick way to reduce the amount of coloured printing that occurs in the office is by having all employees set their default to black-and-white printing. Only using colour when needed will help to reduce costs.

Fully utilizing one page

Many MFPs include features that can help reduce your page count. Features include double-sided printing or multi-document per page printing. This will reduce the number of pages you see in your printer tray. With advanced features on select multifunctional printers, you also have the option to shrink documents down. Ultimately allowing you to fit two or more pages on one side of a page.

High quality is not always necessary

Remember to always think about who the printing job is for. Ideally, if it is not being presented to a client or higher up, you can probably use a fast print or draft quality version. This option will allow you to use less ink or toner and most of the time your pages are going to be revised or marked, filed or tossed into the recycling bin. Printing a high-quality document can be saved for print jobs of a more important nature. Presentations, mail outs, or quotes should be printed in a higher quality. If the document is for internal eyes only, a lower quality print job will do the trick.

Printing can be costly and most of the time what is being printed ends up in the recycling. Remember these tips if your printing costs are higher than normal and you are looking for a few easy ways to cut your printing costs.


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